Jun 7, 2010

About me and Dauphintouch

Hi! I am K.K.Mahajan. I have been a distributor with Dauphin Touch for the last over 2 years. I have gained a new level of financial independence as well as stability through Dauphin Touch Network.
I wish to help people with any sort of financial hardship, by explaining them about the benefits of this wonderful network. Any body, including you my friends, are invited to join.
It is very simple to get started for earning some decent money for you and your family through a part time work. You may also enjoy. the benefits and a golden chance to earn millions by taking distributorship (Rs. 4500) of dauphintouch network spread all over India
1) You become an insurance agent for L I C , Bajaj Allianze, Birla Sunlife,Oriental InsuranceICICI  Lombard GIC and many others included with DAUPHIN TOUCH NETWORK
2) 3 days and 2 night free stay - one time and 10 % discount (lifetime) in all hotels owned by DTN, Snow Princess at Manali and another hillqueen Simla
3) You reserve a seat for u or ur child in DTN B.Ed. college at Gohana near sonipat in Haryana
4) You become eligible to get a plot in the 5000 Acre land aucquired by DTN at Rajsthan and Himachal Pardesh and many more lucrative packages
5) You get accidental Insurance Policy worth Rs.4 lakhs ( From National Insurance company)
In case of any accident you get hospitalization package of max Rs.80000 and disability compensation up to Rs 2 lakh. For more detail go to website dauphintouch.in
6) You get a gift worth Rs.1000 form Dauphin Touch Network 1. A Superior suit length or pair of watches
You can become a member of DTN  by paying a lifetime membership worth Rs 4500 or getting any insurance by a DTN member. because every DTN member automatically becomes  distributor
and you will also become the distributor in both the ways.
Moreover dear friends how long we will continue working on the present job  they try to hire a youngone on even lower salary and we become a victim of unemployment.
 this is the trend of the day..
.But DTN family never lets you feel alone. When you attain the15th level and u get a cheque of 1.25 crores even that is not the end . After that u get a royality of 1 lakh per month upto the age of  of 70. Here I am glad to tell u that in the 6 weeks working I attained the 2nd level which fetched me a cheque worth Rs.5500.
For this purpose you have to do nothing but suggest 4 names of your known persons, myself and my colleagues as a senior distributors will talk to them and put them under your downline and you will start earning.
In simple words it is just like digging a stream (in part time) from the source of water up to your home instead of daily bringing 4-5 buckets of water from that source.
In case of any doubt or clarification please feel free to contact me on my mobile no 09888621258.For any enquiry please mail me at kkm_266@yahoo.com and also visit my website dauphintouch.blogspot.com
For more information, visit: the DTN Website Dauphintouch.in

Jun 6, 2010

Dauphintouch Available Packages Information

 A few packages are available for joining and entering the Dauphin Touch Network. These are variable and are suitable for people at various economic levels. For most of the people, I recommend joining the beginner with family package. This is the cheapest and will give you a good insight into the basic functioning of Dauphin Touch. Once you are more comfortable and are ready to expand, then you can easily upgrade to a higher advanced package. One member an Apply or have 2 IDs maximum.
For more information, visit: Dauphin Touch Solutions: Financial stability for you

Why should I join Dauphintouch? Benefits of DauphinTouch Membership.

Why should I join Dauphin Touch? Benefits of Dauphin Touch Membership.
Though, there are several other companies in the market throwing promises about overnight success but we know and out associates know- "key to success is belief and smart work"

The "DTN Force" creates an environment where work is not only simplified but the associates keep on progressing at a rapid pace earning huge amount of money.

Along with hard work we encourage smart work and assist our associates to build their confidence. When it comes to "Factors", only DTN is preferred… the smart & ultimate choice
For more information, visit: Dauphin Touch solutions: Financial stability for you

What is Dauphintouch

Dauphin Touch Network is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in India. In only six years of establishment we have set high standards in the market. Our infrastructural base and annual growth is a result of our sustained efforts and concrete belief in ourselves. With more than 25 lakhs families reaping benefits from a well structured business model. It allows you to grow tremendously and the limits of your earnings… simply do not exist ! We are pleased to mention that we have entered into; the Seventh year of our business and each year, we have been able to bring smile to Lakh of faces and thousand of families. With support from our associates, we are committed to carry forward our performance in the current year and years to come…
With record turnovers and rapid expansion, DTN is expected to be ranked as "NUMEROUNO" Network Marketing Company very soon.
Dauphin Touch Network is powered by a gamut of programs and seminars that enable us to move ahead in out mission with more confidence and efficiency. Individuals associated with us can avail all the facilities provided by us & lead a successful life. We term these features as our “Support System” that defines our capabilities and strengths.

For more information, visit:Dauphin Touch Solutions: Financial stability for you

Jun 6, 2009

Contact Us

Do not hesitate whatsoever as I am looking to help you out in every possible way to get started on your new journey to financial stability. Send me an email by filling in information in the form below, or call me at 00919888621258. Looking forward to your message. K.K.Mahajan.

For more information, visit:Dauphin Touch Solutions: Financial stability for you.